Face treatments are tailored to a person’s skin type and condition.

A face treatment begins with an aesthetician’s consultation. This is followed by a deep cleansing and treatment of the face skin using special concentrates contained in ampoules. The beneficial massage of the face, neck, décolleté and shoulder area relaxes and firms the skin. A face-mask that corresponds with an individual's skin type concludes the treatment. We can also make you look more seductive by colouring eyelashes and shaping eyebrows. Upon your request we also make you up for everyday or special occasions.

Vita balance 90 min

Classic treatment with a deep moisturizing effect and protection in combination with natural oils for the perfect balance.

Price: 50,00 EUR

Calming sensitive 60 min

Face treatment to calm sensitive skin, activate its natural protection, lessen skin irregularity and redness.

Price: 50,00 EUR

Pure 90 min

For impure, acne-prone and stressed skin. The skin care regulates the skin flora, reduces oily shine, prevents the growth of bacteria and soothes irritated skin. Suitable for teenagers.

Price: 50,00 EUR

Selection ultimate 90 min

The skin care with natural wine yeast extracts provides your skin with fresh beauty.

Price: 60,00 EUR

Energy facial treatment for man 60 min

Absolutely masculine. The treatment is perfectly formulated for the special needs of men’s skin and is specially designed to enhance and maintain its vibrant energy. Featuring an elegant and masculine design.

Price: 50,00 EUR

Energy Total 75 min

Energy facial treatment, as well as a perfectly relaxing back massage.

Price: 60,00 EUR

Business treatment 30 min

Refreshing short facial care for men.

Price: 30,00 EUR

Microdermabrasion 15 min

Recommended with all treatments.

Price: 20,00 EUR