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It’s very important to follow up the state we have reach with an intensive combination of therapies throughout the entire year.
It is extremely important to follow up the state we have reached with an intensive combination of therapies throughout the entire year. We recommend a monthly therapy comprising radiofrequency and hand massage, and one cavitation treatment every three months.

Electrical muscle stimulation with Triple 333

Electrical muscle stimulation is a procedure that will help stimulate muscle activity without significant movement. It uses controlled electrical impulses to generate deep muscle stimulation and create contractions similar to those experienced during physical exercise. Fat is burnt, skin tone is improved and the local metabolism and blood circulation are stimulated. Electrodes positioned on the body are connected to the control device that makes it possible to deliver electrical impulses that trigger the contractions and lead to the aforementioned results.


Pressotherapy is mechanical lymphatic drainage which can be compared to manual drainage. Its action is as follows: the pump inflates air under a preset pressure in multi-chambered garments positioned on the body, thereby stimulating the lymph flow to the main lymphatic nodes. It promotes blood circulation, helps in body shaping and has a beneficial effect on cellulite and fat deposit reduction. In particular, when used in combination with other treatments, it exerts a beneficial and relaxing effect on the entire body – stimulating the detoxifying action and the elimination of excessive fluids from the body..

GREEN PLATE exercise machine

This ergonomically designed vibration plate allows intensive exercise that shapes the body and reduces weight. The exercise stimulates blood circulation and metabolism, improves the strength and flexibility of the body as well as the elasticity of skin and muscles and thereby contributes to the effective reduction of cellulite. During the exercise, the vibrations activate 97% of muscle fibres, including the activation of stabilizing muscles which are otherwise very difficult to stimulate. A 15-minute exercise on the GREEN PLATE machine equals a 60-minute exercise on classical fitness machines.

In the Habakuk Wellness-Spa Center, you will be given one-on-one counseling. We will explain you more about the procedures and answer your questions.