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Little black dress

mala crna obleka

A combination of selected therapies ensures body reshaping and a fast loss of excess centimeters on selected body parts.
The package includes:

  • Cavitation
  • Radiofrequency
  • Endodermic therapy
  • Ultrasound to burn fat
  • Pressotherapy
  • Body wrapping

PRICE: already from 200,00 EUR

Sculpted male body

isklesano telo

A carefully shaped body is now available also to those men who do not have the time to visit a fitness center.
The package includes:

  • Cavitation
  • Electrostimulation
  • Ultrasound to burn fat

PRICE: already from 162,00 EUR


The beauty of a perfect body

popolno telo

The package is intended to reduce cellulite and detoxify the body.

The package includes:

  • 3x Cavitation
  • 3x lymph drainage
  • 3x Ultrasound to burn fat with electrostimulation

PRICE: already from 603,00 EUR