A massage at dimmed daylight with intimate music, aromatic oils in pleasantly warm surrounding leads to a feeling of complete comfort.

Habakuk massage 75 min

Spoil yourself with a unique massage according to our own recipe. The treatment combines traditional Ayurvedic healing movements, Hawaiian massage, acupressure massage and the know-how and touch of our top masseurs. Let your body feel prestigious.

Price: 70,00 EUR

Aromatherapy 75 min

Aromatherapy means total relaxation of body and soul. A combination of aromas, essential oils and a massage is used to bring the body in the state of complete peace and harmony. Aromatic essential oils have beneficial effects on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and intellectual. The body is purified via lymphatic system, physical and psychological tensions are relaxed and thoughts balanced.

Price: 60,00 EUR

Hot Chocolate Massage 45 min

An anti-stress treatment including a massage and a coating of hot chocolate. A gentle body massage with hot chocolate does not only relax your body but exquisitely treats your skin. A relaxing scent of hot chocolate makes this wellness experience unique.

Price: 40,00 EUR

Scen Tao massage 75 min

A scented path enhancing wellbeing is the secret of the oriental philosophy about the beauty of the body and mind. The SCEN TAO massage will help you achieve inner harmony that gives vital strength and energy, as well as balances body, mind and soul. Scen Tao has a positive effect on your mood and gives you a radiant appearance and sense of wellbeing.

Price: 55,00 EUR

Spa massage 45 min

Long massage movements, light and strong pressures relax all parts of the body. Special oils boost the effect of the body massage.

Price: 38,00 EUR

Spa massage with essential oils 45 min

Soothing essential oils complement the classical massage.

Price: 42,00 EUR

Partial body massage 20 min or 40 min

Price: 20 min 25,00 EUR
Price: 40 min 40,00 EUR

Reflexive foot massage 20 min ali 40 min

The Chinese have been using this massage for centuries to stimulate energy points of the body. This accurate, gentle acupressure massage of the feet rouses vital functions and results in a feeling of complete relaxation and satisfaction.

Price: 40 min 39,00 EUR
Price: 20 min 22,00 EUR