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Surrender to the touch of positive energy.

Free your mind and indulge in a variety of completely relaxing massages of Babor Spa around the world.

Shiatzu 40 min

Shiatzu is a traditional healing art originating from Japan. During the treatment, special pressure points are pressed and tense muscles are stretched and relaxed. It is the art of touch.

Price: 45,00 EUR

Tui-na massage 75 min

The Tui Na massage works on the principle of acupressure. The practitioner creates balance of energy in the body with the use of alternating firmer grips. The massage works as an anti stress message, it eases pain in the neck and lower back, it relaxes the tension of the spine, it strengthens the immune system and it eases headaches.

Price: 75 min 58,00 EUR

Tibetan sound massage 45 min

The Sound Massage uses Tibetan singing pots and is based on wisdom from the ancient East dating back more than 5000 years.

Price: 40,00 EUR