ayurvedske masaze


The ayurveda massages restore the balance in body and mind by means of natural essential oils. They positively eliminate toxins, improve blood circulation, balance digestion and have a calming effect.

Abhyanga 70 min

This is a traditional ayurveda massage of the entire body with heated natural essential oils. We would particularly recommend this experience to people who live under stress, feel tired and need to relax. ABHYANGA has a favourable effect on the physical and emotional condition of people.

Price: 68,00 EUR

Abhyanga with acitve Oxygen 75 min

An ayurvedic massage with a cream with active oxygen is the right answer for all seeking true relaxation. Its manifold effects include: drainage, better tonus, lost-weight effect, skin replacement and restoration of dosha (energies) balance. You will feel light and fresh again.

Price: 70,00 EUR

Abhyanga with Fango 105 min

Fango made of algae enriched with essential oils and plant extracts is especially suitable for treating skin hypotonya, stretch marks and cellulite. It has a weight loss, drainage and nourishing effect. The skin is toned and fresh after the massage.

Price: 70,00 EUR

Garshan 90 min

The treatment with salt crystals drainages excess fluids from the body. Thus, salts have a drainage and weight loss effect on the body and increase the skin tonus. Salt crystals accelerate lymphatic and blood circulation and prepare the body for an ayurveda body massage.

Price: 72,00 EUR