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Pamper yourself to a unique feeling that will take the load of everyday worries off your shoulders and give you new strength.

Pleasant surroundings, relaxing atmosphere, dimmed light and a gentle shower with Babor bodycare products will make this treatment unique experience. You will have a pleasant feeling of firm body outline and a refined skin structure.

Aroma – See salt body peeling 20 min

A combination of sea salt peeling and essential oils, which are salved into the skin during the massage, will restore the elasticity, softness and firmness of your skin.

Price: 22,00 EUR

Vitamin ACE BODY teatment 60 min

This intensive body care treatment against skin aging includes body peeling and an application of an anti-aging body cream with vitamins.

Price: 55,00 EUR

Soft pack system – natural body packs in waterbed (chocolate, algae, fango) 45 min

A supremely comfortable waterbed is a basic component of pack therapies which ensure optimal effectiveness of natural substances. The waterbed’s constant temperature of about 39 °C makes your entire body feel relaxed.

Select from the following natural packs:

  • Fango mud pack – a heat therapy to detoxicate body. It is recommended with anti-cellulite treatments and rheumatism.
  • Algae therapy – an algae pack accelerates body detoxication, moistures and nourishes the skin.
  • Chocolate pack – treats, nourishes and increases skin elasticity.

Price: 35,00 EUR